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We are partnering with Shalom Torah Academy by joining their Bike4Shalom BikeAThon on Sunday, May 6.  Fathers, sons, supporters of all ages and stages will ride the 24 miles from Central Square in Lakewood to Shalom Torah Academy.  BikeAThon Riders, including our very own friends Brian Paul, Yitzy Paul, Ely Levy, Steve Tserlin, Rabbi Motti Braun, Aaron Breslin, Lenny Vapner, Leon Galler and Michael Vinokur, are seeking sponsorships from their neighbors and friends so they can participate.


Your outreach on behalf of Shalom Torah is greatly appreciated and benefits the children of our local Jewish community.   As you may know, Shalom Torah Academy is a Jewish day school that has long-served the Manalapan/Marlboro districts, and provides Jewish children from diverse backgrounds the opportunity of a Jewish education.  Shalom’s children receive an outstanding education complemented by a love and appreciation for our Jewish Heritage, the Torah, and Mitzvos. A Shalom Torah education impacts a child’s Jewish identity for life.


Shalom depends largely upon fundraising initiatives and events to meet the school’s expenses.   By joining together with us in this event, by showing your support, and by helping us raise the much-needed funds for Shalom’s children and for community outreach 'YOU WILL HELP MAKE THE CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE TO IMPACT JEWISH GENERATIONS AND BENEFIT OUR LOCAL MANALAPAN/MARLBORO JEWISH COMMUNITY.'


We are hoping to raise at least $4200 to date to help support Shalom in their mission, and we ask of you to please join us by helping us reach our goal.


Please make an impact by donating to this cause, with a generous hand.


Thank you for your support,

Rabbi Shalom Jacoby, Avromi Sharabi and the JLC Bike Team