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    In honor of Rabbi MB Zucker, Ari, and Shragi.
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    In honor of Ari, Yossi and Harav Michael. Klonyyour up... #TeamJCM
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    Ari good luck! Get all that energy out and get ready for mesifta!
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I have partnered with Shalom Torah Academy by joining Bike4Shalom.

For some of our brethren in Klal Yisroel, McDonald's is to them as Glatt Bite is to you, public school is to them as Yeshiva is to you, and Shabbos is to them as a Sunday is to you. The goal at Shalom Torah Academy is to provide these precious Neshamos with an outstanding education complemented by a love and appreciation for the Jewish Heritage, the Torah, and the Mitzvos.

But how can we stand by and watch when there is something each and every one of us can do to help make a change?

You and I, together, we can make a difference.

Bike4Shalom is our opportunity to come together and make that difference to help save the future of Klal Yisroel. By joining together with me in this event, by showing your support, and by helping me raise the much-needed funds for the Shalom community outreach 'YOU WILL HELP MAKE THE CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE TO IMPACT JEWISH GENERATIONS.'

I have accepted to raise at least $750 to help support Shalom in their mission, and I ask of you to please join me by helping me reach my goal.

Please make an impact by clicking the donate button, with a generous hand.

Thank you for your interest,
Tizku Limitzvos,

Ari Zucker

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