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Ben Freiner

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Since I was five I have been studying and learning in Shalom Torah Academy, the school I dearly love. We spend each day engaged and totally submersed in knowledge. Giving me both an education that I can take in to the world, understand life from a point of physics, math, chemistry and other important aspects; I am also given the backbone and ground work for being person of Torah and Mitzvos. I, as well as my school believe, with these two tools I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have seen my siblings, past Shalom graduates, grown to become such significate people in my life and in the outside world. This just furthers the expectations for myself. 

This year I have a goal, a goal that spreads 25 miles, 132,000 feet, 1,580,000 inches. This year I have a goal to pedal from Lakewood to Marlboro. To ride from the town I grew up in, to the town I go to school. This year I have a goal to bike 5 towns in from start to finish. 


This year I have a goal to raise $1,800 for the school I dearly love. 

This year I need your help.

This Year Will You Join Me For My Ride To Raise $1,800?