How long is the bike ride?
The ride is approximately 25 miles.
Where in Lakewood will the ride be starting?
The ride will begin in Town Square, on 3rd and Clifton.
What route is being taken?
Click here to view the route.
Will there be medical support along the route?
We will have a number of EMT's stationed along the route.
Will there be a SAG team?
Yes, we will have a SAG team to assist anyone along the route. Please note if you will be riding with your own bike, we may not have a spare tube that will fit your bike.
Will there be a rest stop?
We will be having two rest stops along the route, the rest stops will be clearly marked.
Will there be snacks?
There will be drinks and snacks available at each rest stop.
What time is the ride expected to be over?
We will be leaving from Lakewood at 4:00 IY"H and we expect our riders will be finishing between 6:30-7:00.
Who is invited to the finish line BBQ and party?
Family members of Bike4Shalom riders and corporate sponsors are invited to the finish line event.
Will there be transportation back to Lakewood?
There will be a bus going back to Lakewood at the end of the event as well as a truck to bring the bikes back to Lakewood.
Who can I ask to sponsor my ride?
Anyone you know is a potential sponsor ranging from family members to neighbors, from your boss to any friend you may have. We recommend sending out a link to your personal donation page to all of your potential sponsors.
How can a donation be made by check?
Donations that are made by check should be dropped off in a sealed envelope or mailed to 15 Remon Ln Lakewood NJ 08701, please mark the envelop clearly with the riders' name and phone number.
What is Bike4Shalom tax id #?
NJ tax id# 222259792
How is a receipt requested for a donation?
The Bike4Shalom.com website will automatically issue a receipt to any donor who provides an email address at the time of the donation.
How can one register as a volunteer?
You can register by clicking here.